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2975 Llimpet Ct.
Indialantic, FL 32903
Mechanical & Production Engineer
19 years experience W2
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  • I have 15 years of international experience (France Switzerland United States) in research & development engineering and product design in aeronautics defense electric transportation & firearms industries supplemented by 3 years of engineering lecturing.
  • Co-inventor of the world's fastest flash-charging connection technology taking less than 1 second to connect a bus to its charging point featured on ABB's TOSA electrical buses.
  • I am Fluent in English French German and Romanian and have conversational level in Portuguese.
  • My project management and team leading skills have been proven along with my engineering competence in the fields of:
    • Mechanical structural and aerodynamic design
    • High precision CNC machining Systems engineering Modeling & simulation
    • Airworthiness & certification
    • Embedded systems design integration
    • flight testing
    • validation Flight mechanics
  • I propose my entrepreneurial detailed oriented and hands-on character experienced in working on projects driven by innovation.

CAD/CAM: CREO/PRO-Engineer, SolidWorks, NX, Autocad, Navisworks, Revit

Simulation: NX NASTRAN, ANSYS, MSC ADAMS, CFDesign MATLAB/Simulink,

Programming: G code, M code, Unity 3D, C++, C#, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Mechanical Engineer (furloughed)
Information Technology
Mar 2019 - Jun 2020
Orlando, FL
  • Leading full spectrum of mechanical project activities for ride with strong emphasis on design and analysis, supporting multiple constraints (electrical, manufacturing, cost, weight, etc.)
  • Responsible for activities through all phases of engineering design, mockups, production, installation, testing, turnover and close-out efforts
  • Designing, analyzing, testing, verifying, and debugging complex mechanical systems from concept to fully detailed designs
Mechanical Engineering
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Senior Design Engineer
Information Technology
Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
Miami, FL
  • Designed Taurus PT22 new product components and systems.
  • Analyzed data from design proposal & product specification sheets to determine feasibility of design.
  • Used FMEA/DFMEA to mitigate potential risks during early stages of design and development.
  • Identified and implemented cost reduction opportunities
  • Provided technical support and assisting in resolution of manufacturing difficulties with corrective and preventative measures
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Structural Analysis Engineer
Apr 2018 - Jun 2018
Kennedy Space Center, FL
  • Performed structural and mechanical analysis for various Jacobs’s work-packages on TOSC (Test and Operations Support Contract) using NX NASTRAN, ANSYS, STAAD Pro, CREO and other analysis tools.
  • Reference projects: Mobile Launcher – Extensible Columns and Crew Access Arm
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Lead Mechanical Engineer
Information Technology
Mar 2016 - Feb 2018
Melbourne, FL
  • Managed the Engineering and CNC Machine shop department
  • Designed and developed new firearms
    • .22LR Valkyrie revolver, swing out mechanism, shell extractor and laser sight.
    • Prepared for production of AK47 variants (AK74, PSL)
  • Managing engineering team and CNC shop (10 machines, 10 people)
    • Implemented AK47 barrels manufacturing (drilling, rifling, turning, milling).
    • Designed multiple fixtures for improving production rates
    • Collaborated with CNC programmer for new fixtures manufacturing
  • Setup gun barrel drilling operations for various calibers (9mm, .40 cal, .45 cal, …)
    • Setup machine electrical systems and drives
    • Prepared NC state machine and programmed Siemens drives using Sinumerik controls
    • Connected hydraulics systems, high pressure cutting oil systems
    • Defined tooling and managed tooling provider supply
  • Setup gun barrel rifling machine: designed, assembled, tested and prepared for production
  • Kept abreast of developments in the market. Reviewed competitor's designs and products and analyzed market place requests, customer requirements, etc.
  • Maintained working liaison with other departments and production sections.
  • Provided support for sales personnel to contribute technical assistance to customers.
  • Developed inspections for parts, and/or to qualify vendors.
Mechanical Engineering Hydraulics
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R&D Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager
Professional/Consulting Services
Feb 2011 - Dec 2015
  • Invented, designed and built a connecting apparatus for connecting an electrically powered vehicle to a charging station: achieved efficiency (less than 1% losses), rapidity (makes the connection in less than 1 sec), precision & full automation (compensated distance to curb: 0 to 55cm and over 3m in length) and robustness (successful operation since May 2013), and compliance with EMC requirements
  • (ABB Patent: WO 2014162015 A1)

  • Determined specification and built high power LTO battery modules and super-capacitors “roof-mounted” packs, including liquid cooling system, HV/LV cabling, comm. & control electronics
  • Performed structural and mechanical design, (pneumatic/hydraulic/electric actuation, cable chains and routes) with CREO/PRO-Engineer, Solidworks, ANSYS, MSC ADAMS and MATLAB; and components in compliance with EN12663 and IEC61373 standards for shocks/vibrations/fatigue using ANSYS
  • Led Type-Testing campaign of system vs. electrical, environmental, structural standards
  • Commissioned TOSA system’s vehicle and charging infrastructures, and successfully serviced system during commercial operation
  • Established and managed 18 months R&D collaboration (KTI/CTI project) between ABB and leading Swiss universities (EPFL, HeARC) for the development of a simulation software for TOSA systems deployment
Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering Electronics Packaging Injection Molding Sheet Metal Hydraulics Solidworks
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Researcher and Lecturer
Aug 2013 - Aug 2015
  • Lectured Product Design, CAM/CAD on CREO/PRO-Engineer, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, MSC ADAMS, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on ANSYS
  • Developed Google Glass app. for traction transformers step-by-step busbars assembly, featuring automatic CREO/PRO-Engineer models import, parts (through image) recognition, and installation validation using Open CV, GDK, Unity, Vuforia and C#
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Design
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Mar 2010 - Jan 2011
  • Designed high speed kinetic energy storage system for light aircraft hybrid propulsion using CREO/PRO-Engineer and Patran/Nastran
  • Conducted extensive research on energy storage systems technologies (batteries, supercapacitors, flywheel)
  • Analyzed a high speed flywheel system, determined stresses, deformations, selected materials.
  • Performed dynamic analysis of the system, including rotor, flywheel, bearings, and dynamic loads, using Rotor INSA and XL Rotor
  • Performed transient thermal analysis using Fluent and Ansys for the proper dimensioning so that thermal loads would be considered in the structural design of the system.
  • Performed CFD analysis of the system (flywheel rotating in containment envelope in various gases)
  • Optimized the model based on structural, dynamic, and aerodynamic results
  • Lectured Structures, Matlab/Simulink, and Rotor Dynamics
Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering Energy
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Co-founder, Aircraft Design Engineer and Engineering dept. Manager
Jan 2007 - Dec 2009
  • Led engineering and design of tactical UAVs and performed configuration layout, weight study, wing design, propulsion system integration, stability analysis, and performance calculations
  • Performed numerical simulations (CFD/FEA), aerodynamics & flight dynamics, on company projects (Aelius UAV, Seagnos 80 UAV) and contracted work (Airbus, DCNS) using CREO/PRO-Engineer, Fluent, and ANSYS:
  • Ex: embedded systems study – simulation of the thermal behavior of submarine Torpedo Local Launchng Console (TLLC) for DCNS (Thales Group)
  • Ex: structural simulation for constraints, deformation and failure index determination on pressurized spark-gap for the Laser Mégajoule (LMJ) project for Airbus
  • Prepared wind tunnel testing campaigns at F2 Wind Tunnel of the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA) and at hydrodynamic tank of Centrale Nantes
  • Prepared Airworthiness Certification request for UAV, and prepared technical proposal by reviewing and interpreting regulatory compliance specifications and requirements:
  • Under VLA regulation, with particular focus on aerodynamics, structures and flight performance sections.
  • Under CS-23 and CS-25 for flight test campaign at DGA’s Cazaux Airbase, France
  • Led flight test campaign of first civilian UAV at DGA’s Cazaux Airbase, France
  • Negotiated, supervised and delivered design office work for external clients (Airbus, MCS, DCNS, SERTA/CEA, SMNIB…), earned a total of $300K worth of contracts
  • Led company funding campaign and obtained $500K from private investors and $500K from OSEO and the DGA (French defense procurement agency)
  • Represented company at Paris Airshow (2005/07/09)
Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering Sheet Metal Injection Molding
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Engineering Intern
Jul 2006 - Dec 2006
  • Programmed a modular UAV flight simulator, focused on aerodynamics and flight mechanics using MATLAB, Simulink, STK and XPlane
Mechanical Design
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Engineering Intern
Jan 2005 - Jul 2005
  • Programmed virtual HUD for flight data analysis software using C++ and OpenGL
Mechanical Design
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Payload Design Engineering Intern
Aug 2003 - Dec 2003
Cape Canaveral, FL
  • Designed, built and launched meteorological payload
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Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology 2004
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design
Injection Molding
Sheet Metal
Electronics Packaging
CAD Designer
Full Scholarship from French Army Procurement Agency (DGA - Délé, 0